Our FUPS designed bull bars comply with ADR 84/00 (Front Underrun Impact Protection) 2009. Our fabrication techniques set our work apart from the ordinary ensuring a very long lifespan and the best collision protection for you and your heavy vehicle.

quality where you don't see it    

Our bull bars are STRONG because they are engineered that way. Our uprights are drilled and the bars are inserted and welded as shown [not tack welded like cheaper bars]. Our uprights are also made from 6mm high-tensile aluminium. This high standard fabrication will give you and your vehicle the best protection should the worst happen.

10mm channel for maximum protection    

FUPD (Front Underrun Protective Devices) Compliance is a standard we test for Component Registration Number DOTARS bull bars. The test checks strength in the product in a simulated impact situation. The photo to the right shows the test machine applying 8 tonne of pressure to the corner of the bar. The standard 8 tonne test in the middle allows for 400mm of plate movement but in this test it is normal for our product to flex only 20-30mm. Another test applies 16 tonne to the side in line with the chassis rail. We test internally on our own approved equipment and are audited by an external engineering consultant to comply with DOTARS to receive a CRN.


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Pride in our work

All of our Bull Bars are constructed from high tensile aluminium which is similar in strength to high-tensile steel but without the weight penalty. Holes are drilled in box uprights so that horizontal pipes protrude to gain maximum strength.

All our Bull Bars come standard with tow hitch and are polished to a gleaming shine. All Bull Bars come with two bull light mounts and if required, extra brackets can be welded on. We can put polycarbonate in front of the headlights and mesh in front of the grille, and security door mesh over part or all of the Bull Bar.

If you see a design that interests you, or if you would like to discuss a custom design concept, feel free to contact us for a quote.


Chris Barron Engineering is a major supplier for, and has developed strong business relationship with many of the major South Australian trucking companies in Adelaide and Mount Gambier, and has also sent their quality bull bars to various companies in most States and Territories of Australia as well as overseas.